Paying It Forward

I have been mentoring my Skirt Sports Kick Starters in preparation for the 261 run this Saturday. For any unfamiliar with the Kick Start program, it is a yearly program offered by Skirt Sports to help beginners find the resources, advice, and support necessary to start running or just moving, in general. The women who apply to be mentored do so for a myriad of challenges whether they be physical, time/family constraints, financial issues, or simply in need of motivation.
This is my second year as a Kick Start Mentor/Motivator and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime. Running (in some cases, just getting out the door to walk) has opened up a whole world of opportunity for these women who come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Over the course of this first 8 week session, some are discovering their “inner athlete” and also might have lost a pound or two. Others find it a great way to relieve stress resulting in a fresher outlook on things. Everyone, though, finds a new friend and the motivation to keep moving.
Our first session culminates this Saturday with the 261 Fearless Run. Some are racing for the first time … others running a distance further than they ever have. That’s not what matters. What does matter is these women have chosen to enrich their lives and in the process have become 261 Fearless!