A lot of women come to a time in their lives when questions start popping up like: “Is that all there is?”; “How the heck did this happen?”; “Where did the time go?” It can be an overwhelming time or a reawakening one. And sometimes, this mind-boggling stage transitions unbeknownst to you into your reawakening. That moment, for me, came when my husband and I stopped at a Fleet Feet store just to check out what they had and I saw a flyer for a 10 week ‘Learn How To Run’ program. At 58 I was certainly ready to prove them wrong in their claim that I would be a runner in a short 2 and a half months! I also had to fight that inner voice of negativity. You know, the one that whispers, “What are you thinking?” “You’re too old to run!” “You’ll embarrass yourself!”
Well, I did join the group and was inspired by some incredible coaches to keep moving. Almost 5 years later I can emphatically state that that was the moment when my life totally changed for the better!
I have seen this same nudge from the universe happen for other older women too. I have been fortunate to be a Mentor for the Skirt Sports Kick Start program where new runners of all sizes, shapes, and ages are paired with more experienced ones and, for 2 years now, have been running with several women in their 50’s and 60’s who chose to quiet that inner negative voice and either keep or start moving.
Facing doubt, inner negative whispers, fear, and sometimes feelings of lack of self-worth are things we all face at some point in our lives. Moving on is the key. For me, the Skirt Sports’ #REALwomenmove campaign is all about getting on with it and, for me, running has been the vehicle. For others, it may be gym classes or walking or biking or swimming…it doesn’t matter. How do you move on? Be inspired! Just move!

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