Fearless after dark

This time of year always takes a little getting used to. Colder temps, warmer clothes, and then there’s that pesky TIME CHANGE! Running and/or walking at night need not be something one foregoes, though, as long as you remember these safety tips put together recently by 261 Fearless Ambassadors. I, personally, always feel better running with a friend after dark and running in a well-lit familiar area. Even then, I always carry my phone with me and let my husband know the route that we’re planning to take and how long we plan to be out. Lighting the way is such an important thing to remember whether it be a fully charged headlamp or the handheld Zephyr Fire 100 by Nathan (my favorite) which also has a little alarm on it in case you run into a problem. Being seen by oncoming traffic is a must so wear reflective gear and also attach small LED blinking lights onto your shoelaces, water belt or vest…go ahead, it’s your chance to feel like a live holiday tree!!Carrying pepper spray is a good idea too just in case and save the music for another time. Staying alert is important! And let’s not forget Fido…that is, if you’re running with a dog. Put a blinking light on that baby too!!See? There’s no need to be afraid of the dark!!#befearlessbefree #261FearlessAmbassador

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