It was my left foot

A foot issue kept me from running last week. Not sure what it was but felt the time had come to only walk when all I wanted to do was run. This was not something I was happy about since I had the week off for spring break and had a whole list of workouts that I’d been planning on doing. It’s hard for us to listen to our bodies when they are saying something that we don’t want to hear…like, take it easy. The key, though, is LISTEN! The fastest road to injury is to NOT listen. I firmly believe that because I didn’t stress my foot by running I was able to successfully get in a 6.2 mile run this morning with no foot pain. Now I can get back on track (if only the tree pollen would listen!).

Running Green

Had a fun St. Patrick’s Day race in Denver this past Sunday and a great run last night at a local running shoe store, Shoes n’ Brews (yes, it’s a shoe store with a pub attached!). The store event was a book signing for Alan Culpepper’s “Run Like A Champion” and a FREE fun run/walk. If you’re lucky enough to live near a running store check to see if they offer social runs during the week. These are a great way to meet new people who share a love of running and/or walking and also help to keep you motivated. You might even get a new pair of shoes out of it too!Deb and Snowman

Hello Runners

Hello runners!

Hi! I’m Deb…Debbie to friends I grew up with. We’re about to set out on an adventure all about aging (gracefully we hope!), letting go of old habitual thinking as we accept the change(s) in our bodies, finding the “inner athlete” in all of us…(yikes) even in our senior years, and celebrating the ‘new and improved’ version of ourselves.DEB at Fa  lala
You see, I started running late. I set out on this journey a little over 4 years ago at the ripe young age of 58. Now, how I came to the decision to try to learn to run after a lifetime of firmly believing that I hated it and could never be a runner has got to be one of those “gifts from the universe.” It all started because I needed some walking shoes so while at a local sports store I happened to see a flier for a beginning runner’s program called No Boundaries. The store owner saw me looking at the flier and started telling me how much “fun” the session would be and that at its 10 week end I would be a runner! Fun? Are you kidding me? For some crazy reason, I decided “why the heck not” and the rest is, as they say, history.
I can only say that something in me started to change each time I went to a group run. I began to feel a kind of confidence I had not known…running also filled a void that I hadn’t realized the depth of. I was hooked!! So much so that I started thinking I needed to face some of my fears so about 6 months into my running I decided to try a triathlon. Where that came from I will NEVER know! I hadn’t been on a bike in years and couldn’t even remember the last time I’d been swimming. The worst part? I was going to have to squeeze this body into a wetsuit! To make a long story short, I actually got the wetsuit on, did my first triathlon and loved it. Talk about empowering! It was incredible to find the inner strength, stamina, and courage to do something that up until then I had felt could only be for the chiseled bodies of young people.
Thus, our dialogue has begun. It is never too late to meet, nurture, or merely challenge your inner athlete. I’m living proof of that! Age is only a number. Just know that when you start the journey a ‘new you’ will begin to emerge so get yourself ready so we can keep talking about running, running groups, strength training, exercise clothes, feeling positive…whatever pops up.

Just Beginning?

Beginner runner? Thinking about joining a running group? Speaking from experience, I say, “DO IT!!”
Being part of a group helps keep you accountable, motivated, excited and even surprised to find that you might not be alone in your feelings about running. I know that when I joined No Boundaries I met other people who were in the same boat that I was…not really sure that I could make it through a session and full of doubt that I would even be able to run a race much less get to the end of the block!!
Learning proper form, foot fall, and running zone information are just a few of the things that can help to demystify running. Finding out that there really IS a correct way to run can help one understand why it might have seemed impossible to do. Imagine there being a right and wrong way to run! Say w-h-a-t? Meeting new people who you enjoy being around is another benefit to joining a running group but getting you off of your butt and out the door may be one of the best reasons to explore finding a group.
And if you’re over 50 (or under)
deb on car don’t be afraid that you’ll be so much older than everyone else. Nonsense! Beginner running groups are FULL of seniors of all makes and models ready to give it a shot. Go on…be one of them!! Check out local running stores to see if any offer training groups…especially for beginners. That’s where the necessary information, coaching, and success can be found.